A$AP Rocky’s Exquisite Style

View this image ” If you know anything about A$AP Rocky, it’s probably that he loves fashion. The Harlem rapper’s interest in style is focused on designer clothes, but extends to hip-hop culture, music, and beyond. He has very good taste, and a fashion maven’s instinct of finding the right

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Some back-to-school clothes aren’t good for the planet. Here’s a better option.

There are three constants in late summer life. One: Its impossible to apply sunscreen without missing a spot. Two: S’mores that fall in the campfire for a few seconds just taste better. Three: Nothing is a bigger adrenaline hit than back-to-school shopping. Instantly iconic. GIF from

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57 Inventions Everyone Who Is Single Needs In Their Life

Party of one, but ready to have some fun. View this image ” Universal Pictures 1. A dating app that actually works.2. A dating app for people you actually want to date.3. A dating app for people you actually SHOULD date.4. A dating app for people you actually SHOULD date, and can bring

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