15 Bizarre Festivals You Can Only Find In The U.S.

Stay weird, America. View this image ‘ 1. Roadkill Cook Off – Marlinton, W. Va. View this image ‘ Via jschumacher.typepad.com Ever driven past some roadkill and had the urge to eat it? Well, every year in Marlinton, W. Va., you can. This roadkill cook off festival allows locals to

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Let These 20 Animals Show You Why Adulting Is For The Birds

Having countless responsibilities is the best, isn’t it? Nope! As kids, we spent so many years wishing that we could be grownups that it’s almost funny to look back at those times in an existence-is-futile, how-did-I-get-here sort of way. Whether you’re a 20-something like me who’s just been

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