18 Holiday Gift Ideas For The World Traveler In Your Life

Lets be honest here: We, the travelers, are not the easiest people to buy gifts for. Even if we happen to spend holiday time together with our loved ones, our wanderlust lifestyle has made us live in our own bubbles. We are hung somewhere between our old, normal life and the adventures out in

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10 Ways Technology Is Ruining Your Love Life

Technology has completely changed how we live our lives, and it’s happening at an ever-increasing rate. Our worlds are completely different from the world of even 10 years ago. This obviously has resulted in differences in the way we work and play, but did you know it’s even changed the way we

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Monster High: Draculaura ‘Passeio no Shopping’ – Toy Review + Perguntas Frequentes

Primeira fase do canal, na época em que ainda se chamava ‘Monster High Reviews BR’. +++ Review da boneca Draculaura versão ‘Passeio no Shopping’ (Day at the Maul) da linha Monster High da Mattel, em português. ++++++++++ ENCONTRO MONSTER HIGH Em São Paulo Dia: 29 de Outubro de 2011

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