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19 Reasons Australia Wins The Internet

There are a bunch of things to be pissed about online. Shall we begin? 1. Piss off police. View this image ‘ Via reddit.com 2. Piss off Pommies. View this image ‘ Via reddit.com 3. Piss off rabbits. View this image ‘ Via memebase.cheezburger.com 4. Piss off GIFs. View this

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49 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping At Bunnings

Sausage sizzle or death. View this image ‘ Flickr: vk2gwk / Creative Commons 1. Man I want a sausage sizzle.2. I hope there’s a sausage sizzle.3. No sausage sizzle?!4. Fuck my life.5. Ugh it smells so good in here.6. It’s like a mixture of chalk and WD40…7. Okay, all you need to buy is

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