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To the Judgers of My Autistic Son: You Are Creating the Bullies of the Future

‘This year I ask you to think before you judge, live a day in my small man’s shoes and you will understand how much of a superhero he really is.’ ‘Autism has locked me inside of a body I cannot control.’ Those are the words ofCarly Fleischmann, a young woman who was diagnosed with severe autism

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With 7 Words & a Bow Tie, He Brought This Man to Tears & Reversed 89 Years of Racism

It was a lesson he waited his whole life to learn, and he’s so grateful he did. ‘Today while I was on lunch I decided to go shopping to get my Mom a Valentine’s gift card or a little present.. That’s when I bumped into this Wonderful Oumie.. He Greeted me and complimented me on my look and

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